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# - indicates price is dropping
^ - indicates price is rising

(As of the latest update I started logging prices for items that had already sold in shop.

So anything following a "|" is the "sold for" value [i.e. item: price range | actual sale prices])

<----------------->10% SCROLLS<----------------->

1hd swd atk: 2m-5m

cape for int: 1m

claw atk: 500k

crossbow atk: 550k-2m

dagger atk : 800k

earring int: 250k-2.5m

earring luk: 2m

gloves atk: 2m-3m

gun atk: 2m

helmet for dex: 1.2m

knuckle atk: 200k-270k

overall dex: 1m-1.2m

overall str: 4m

shield for luk: 200k

sheild for wep atk: 10m

shoes atk: 500m

shoes jmp: 200k-1.2m

spear for atk: 200k

staff for mgk atk: 1m

topwear for luk: 500k-650k

wand mgk atk: 1m

<----------------->60% SCROLLS<----------------->

1h swd atk: 1.3m-2.5m

2h axe atk: 1m-1.5m

2h blunt wep atk: 900k-1.8m

2h sword atk: 2m-3m

2h sword accuracy: 3m

acc dex: 10m

acc int: 4m

acc luk: 10m

armor for dex: 25m

armor for int: 20m

armor for luk: 15m

armor for str: 30m

bottomwear for dex: 2.2m-9m

bow atk: 1.2m-1.7 #

cape for dex: 2.2m

cape for int: 1.3m

cape for luk: 5m

crossbow atk: 2m-3m

claw atk: 1.5m-5m

dagger atk: 2m-3.4m

dual bowgun atk: 3m-4.5m ^

earring luk: 6m

eye acc acc: 1m

eye acc int: 5m

face acc avoidability: 5m

gloves atk: 9.8m-15.5m ^

gloves dex: 222k-2m

gloves mag atk: 1.6m-7m

gun atk: 1.5m-3m

katara atk: 1m-1.7m #

knuckle atk: 2m-3m

overall armor def: 500k

overall armor dex: 5m-10m

overall armor int: 7m-23m

overall armor luk: 10m

pet equip jmp: 1.2m

pole arm atk: 2m

pole arm acc: 700k

shield luk: 2m

shield mag atk: 50m-52m

shield str: 1m-2m

shoes dex: 1m-1.2

shoes for speed: 250k-3m

spear atk: 1.2m-3.4m

staff magic atk: 1.5m-3.5m | 3.5m

topwear for str: 9m

<----------------->50% SCROLLS (pinks)<----------------->

1h axe atk: 50m-100m | 50m

2h blunt weapon: 15m-60m | 15m

2h mag atk: 190m

2h wep atk: 200m

acc for luk: 250m

acc for str: 50m-100m

armor int: 120m

crossbow atk: 125m

earring for int: 400m

dagger atk: 244m-270m

gloves atk: 500m

overall dex: 30m-45m

shield for defense: 10m-15m | 10m

shield mag atk (dark): 52m-56m

spear atk: 100m

wand for magic atk: 200m

<----------------->WHITE & POTENTIAL SCROLLS<----------------->

advanced equipment enhancement: 32m-54m

advanced potential 90%: 15m-23m

clean slate scroll 1%: 500k-1m #

clean slate scroll 5%: 4m-8m #

clean slate scroll 20%: 60m

epic potential scroll 80%: 219m-239m

equip ehancement scroll: 100k-500k

potential scroll 70%: 1.1m-6m

white scroll: 120m-250m

<----------------->DARK & CHAOS SCROLLS<----------------->

dark 1h sword atk 30%: 3m

dark 2h BW atk 70%: 2m

dark 2h sword atk 70%: 2m

dark accessory dex 70%: 1m

dark accessory int 30%: 1m

dark accessory int 70%: 1m

dark accessory luk 70%: 1.5m

dark bottomwear for dex 70%: 4.4m

dark bow atk 70%: 1.7m

dark cape luk 30%: 900k-3.5m

dark cape dex 30%: 4m

dark cape dex 70%: 3m | 3m

dark cape int 70%: 900k-2m

dark cane atk 30%: 9m-14m | 20m

dark claw atk 30%: 5m

dark crossbow 30%: 5m

dark crossbow 70%: 2m

dark dagger atk 70%: 8m

dark earring for dex 30%: 875k

dark earring for dex 70%: 4.4m

dark earring luk 30%: 1m-1.2m

dark eye int 30%: 1m-2.2m

dark face acc avoidability 30%: 1m

dark gloves atk 70%: 6m-8m

dark gloves dex 30%: 375k-1.1m

dark gloves dex 70%: 300k

dark gloves mgk atk 70%: 3m

dark gun atk 70%: 1.5m-2m

dark helmet acc 30%: 2m

dark helmet acc 70%: 1.2m-2m

dark helmet dex 30%: 1.2m

dark helmet dex 70%: 9m

dark helmet int 30%: 2m-5m

dark knuckle atk 70%: 1m-1.5m 

dark overall armor dex 70%: 3.5m-4.7m

dark overall armor int 30%: 10m

dark overall armor luk 70%: 5m-7m

dark pole arm atk 30%: 10m

dark shield def 70%: 1m

dark shield wep atk 30%: 15m-28m

dark shield wep atk 70%: 15m

dark shoes dex 30%: 2.2m

dark shoes speed 30%: 200k

dark spear atk 70%: 1.4m

dark topwear for luk 70%: 4.4m

chaos scroll 60%: 14.5m-29.9m ^

miraculous chaos 60%: 49m-79m ^

<----------------->MASTERY & SKILL BOOKS<----------------->

(some books are now obsolete and can be traded in for compensation to the maple admin)

AFA 20(aran): 5m-44m

AFA 20(bowmaster): 29m-45m

AFA 20(wh): 2m-15m ^

AFA 30(aran): 5m-59m | 5m

AFA 30(bowmaster): 15m-45m | 30m

AFA 30(wh): 3m-59m

achilles: 500k-4m

advanced blessing 20: 10m-30m | 23.5m

advanced blessing 30: 5m-9m

advanced combo attack: 4m-26m | 5m

advanced dark aura 20: 4m-7m ^

advanced dark aura 30: 20m ^

advanced yellow aura: 2m-6m

air strike: 5m-10m

amplifier: af-11 20: 1m

ancient warding 20: 20m-65m | 20m

ancient warding 30: 25m-40m | 25m

angel ray: 6m-14m | 5m, 10m

arcane aim 20: 5m

arcane aim 30: 5.5m-10m | 10m

aria amour 20: 40m

aria amour 30: 50m-100m | 100m

assassinate: 1m-20m

aura of beholden: 3m-15m

bahamut 20: 4m-5m

bahamut 30: 7m

barrage: 1m-20m

barricade 20: 15m-40m | 19m

barricade 30: 10m-34m | 19m

battleship cannon: 2m-25m

battleship torpedo: 1m

beserk: 5m-15m

big bang: 5m-15m

binding dark 20: 50m

blade fury 30: 6m-9m

blast: 1m-10m

blaze 20: 2m

blaze 30: 10m

blessing of the onyx 25: 4m-7m | 5m

blizzard: 1m-2m

boomerang step: 19m-40m

bots 'n tots 20: 2.2m-5m

bow expert: 1m-2m

bullseye: 400k-1m

cane expert 20: 50m-70m | 50m

cane expert 30: 80m-140m

cannon barrage 20: 8m-15m

cannon barrage 30: 5m

cannon bazooka 30: 5m-20m

cannon overload 20: 5m-7m

cannon overload 30: 3m-5m

carte noir 20: 25m-45m

chain lightening: 10m

claw expert 20: 20m

claw expert 30: 10m-20m | 12m

combo barrier: 4m-10m

combo tempest 30: 2m-10m

dark fog 20: 1m-5m

dark fog 30: 2m

dark genesis: 3m-4m

dark harmony 30: 20m-22m

dark impale 20: 8m-15m | 10m

dark impale 30: 15m-34m | 27m

dark metamorphisis 30: 15m-35m

defense break 20: 5m-25m | 5m

demon cry 20: 4.5m-15m | 15m

demon impact 20: 7m-35m | 9m 

demon impact 30: 6m-35m

divine charge: 3m

dragon strike: 5m-15m

dual bowguns expert 20: 15m-50m | 25m

dual bowguns expert 30: 30m-60m

elemental boost: 2m-6m | 2.5m

elquines: 1m-3m

energize 20: 5m

energize 30: 5m

energy orb: 5m

enrage: 1m-6m

exploding arrows 20: 3m

feline beserk: 2m

final blow 20(aran): 4m-10m

final blow 30(aran): 5m-8m

finishing blow 20: 6.8m-10m

finishing blow 30: 2m-15m

flame wheel 20: 3m-5m

flame wheel 30: 8m-20m

flying assualter 20: 3m-25m

freeze standing 20: 5m-10m

genesis 30: 3m-8m

giant robot sg-88(special): 20m

glacier chain 20: 1m-5m

guardian: 500k

heaven's hammer: 1m-5m

hex of the beholden 20: 4m-8m

high defense 20: 1m-5m

high mastery 20: 10m-20m

high mastery 30: 5m

holy charge: 3m-6m

hurricane: 2.2m-14m

hypnotize: 3m

ifrit: 1m-10m

illusian 20: 6m

illusian 30: 20m | 3m

illusian step 20: 2m-3m

illusion step 30: 2m

impeccable memory IV 30: 40m-70m

infernal concussion 20: 1m-36m

infernal concussion 30: 5m-15m

infinity: 4m-7m

intrepid slash: 2m-15m

ishtar's ring 20: 10m-39m | 15m

ishtar's ring 30: 12m-15m

laser blast 20: 500k-5m

lightening edge 20: 10m-20m

lightening edge 30: 5m

magic mastery 20: 8m-10m

magic mastery 30: 15m-20m

maple warrior 20: 350m-449m | 429m ^

maple warrior 30: 379m-475m | 410m ^

marksman boost: 3m-5m

mega monkey magic 30: 7m

metal armor-missile tank 20: 5m-13m

metal armor-missile tank 30: 1m

meteor shower: 2m

mille aiguilles 30: 25m-55m | 50m

mirror image 30: 2m-10m | 10m

mirrored target: 5m

mist eruption 20: 1m-5m

mist eruption 30: 3m

monster bomb 30: 3m-5m

monster magnet 30: 1m

nautilus strike 20: 1m-5m

ninja ambush: 5m-20m

ninja storm: 2m-12m

obsidian skin 30: 20m

overswing 20: 4m-14m | 14m

overswing 30: 4m-6m | 5m

paralyze: 10m

party shield 30: 1m-3m

piercine 20: 1m-1.2m

piercing arrow: 2m-5m

pirates spirit 20: 1m-5m

pouvoir emprunte 20: 30m-50m

power stance: 4m-10m | 10m 

quad star 30: 20m

rapid fire: 1m

rush: 3m

satellite safety 25: 6m

shadow claw: 4m-14m

shadow shifter 20: 13m-39m | 23m

shadow shifter 30: 19m-32m | 25m

sharp eyes 20: 5m-8m

sharp eyes 30: 3m-11m | 8m

slash storm: 5m

smokescreen: 4m

snipe 20: 2m-6.5m

sonic roar 30: 100k-2m

soul stone 20: 15m

spikes royale: 5m-15m

spirit link 20 - phoenix: 1m-5m

spirit link 30 - phoenix: 1m-2m

spirit link 20 - frostprey: 2m-5m

sudden raid 30: 5m-10m | 5m

super transformation 20: 2.1m-15m

taunt: 3m-5m

tempest 20: 25m-35m | 25m

tempest 30: 35m-50m

thorns 30: 5m-6.5m

time leap: 4m

tornado spin 20: 1m

triple throw 20: 10m-22m

triple throw 30: 15m-50m

twister spin: 1m-5m

venom 30: 5m

venomous star/venomous stab: 5m

wild arrow blast 30: 2m

[special books]

combo tempest [skill book]: 215m

dark fog [skill book]: 216m

flame wheel [skill book]: 200m

final cut [skill book]: 110m

magic mastery [skill book]: 120m

mystery mastery book: 5m-6.3m ^

phantom blow [skill book]: 91m

triple throw [skill book]: 190m


a-auto steal 2%: 400m

b-all damage +3%: 150m-200m ^

b-all damage +4%: 150m-225m ^

b-all stat 1%: 70m ^

b-all stat 2%: 400m-588m ^

b-dex +6: 60m ^

b-ignore monsters def 18%: 100m ^

b-int +5: 10m ^

b-int 2%: 220m-350m ^

b-luk 2%: 350-400m ^

b-mag atk +3: 10m - 35m ^

b-mag atk 2%: 10m-47m ^

b-mag def +100: 10m

b-max hp 2%: 12m

b-max mp 2%: 9m

b-str +5/+6: 6m-9m ^

b-wep atk 2%: 55m ^

b-wep atk +3: 21m ^

c-abnormal status (10% poison) 1m-1.5m

c-all damage 2%: 17m ^

c-all stat +4: 3.3m-5m

c-avoidability +12: 1m-1.5m

c-crit rate 4%: 6m ^

c-dex 1%: 9.5m-19.5m ^

c-ignore monsters def 15%: 5m

c-int 1%: 8.5m-10.5m ^

c-luk 1%: 19m-30 ^

c-mag atk 1%: 5.5m ^

c-recovery hp (12 hp/4 sec): 1m-2m

c-recovery mp (3%/10mp): 500k-1m

c-speed +3: 3m

c-str 1%: 10.5m-19.5m ^

c-total damage 1%: 11m ^

c-wep atk 1%: 5.5m-8.5m ^

c-wep atk +2: 6.7m-9m

neb box: 1.5m-2.5m ^

<----------------->Potential % values<----------------->

 *note* these values can fall within a large range of value and everyone seems to have a different order of which 

stat type is worth more than the other; luk for the most part is the most expensive whilst int is the least needed 

which would make it seemingly the cheapest but it's also the least available. So instead of choosing a high/low order 

for stat types I'll just simply note what's currently rising/decreasing in value. 

(int-, str=, dex^, luk^,] atk% items fall under these prices as well.

[scale is based on crafted items but can be applied to base values of other items]

(rare 2% earring/belt): 1.5m-4m

(rare 3% earring): 2m-5m

(rare 4% belt): 9m-21m 

(rare 6% earring): 10m-27m #

(rare 6% belt): 32m-62m

(rare 7% earring): 35m

(epic 6% earring): 12m-34m #

(epic 7% earring/belt): 35m-200m

(epic 8% belt): 180m-300m

(epic 9% earring): 68m-250m

(epic 12% earring): 475m-700m

(unique 10%-12% belt):600m-1.4b

(unique 12%-15% earring): 750m-1.5b

(14%+ belt): 1.7b+

(18% earring): 1.9b-2.5b

(21% earring): 3b-4b

(24% earring): 5b-7b

<^^^^^^^^^^^>BEGIN EQUIPS "SETS" SECTION<^^^^^^^^^^^^>Edit

(AGARES BLOODY SET)<----------------->

agares bloody terror: 270m #

agares bloody giant axe (119 atk): 60m #

(BLIZZARD HERO SET)<----------------->

blizzard armor (female): 150m-200m#

blizzard armor (male): 139m #

blizzard boots: 70m-120m

blizzard cape: 70m-120m

blizzard helmet (male): 69m-95m #

blizzard gloves (3 atk): 200m-260m

(DRAGON TAIL SET)<----------------->

dragon tail mage gloves: 60m-130m #

dragon tail mage robe: 60m-150m #

dragon tail mage sallet: 60m-120m #

dragon tail mage shoes: 60m-110m #

(FALCON WING SET)<----------------->

falcon wing composite bow (120-130 atk): 120m-700m #

falcon wing composite bow (170-180 atk): 2b+ #

falcon wing dual bowguns (131 atk): 735m #

falcon wing heavy crossbow (120-130 atk): 60m-120m #

falcon wing sentinel boots (1 atk): 45m-100m #

falcon wing sentinel cap: 75m-150m #

falcon wing sentinel gloves (5 atk): 45m-60m #

falcon wing sentinel suit: 50m #

falcon wing sentinel suit (+1 atk):

falcon wing sentinel suit (+2 atk):

falcon wing sentinel suit (+3 atk):

falcon wing sentinel suit (+4 atk):

falcon wing sentinel suit (+5 atk):

(HALPHAS BLOODY SET)<----------------->

halphas bloody mist: 200m-220m

(IPOS SET)<----------------->

ipos bloody crossbow: 400m

ipos bloody dual bowguns: 1b

ipos bloody gear: 90m-300m

ipos bloody longbow: 500m

(LIONHEART SET)<----------------->

lionheart battle boots: 80m-125m #

lionheart battle bracers (5 atk): 45m-80m #

lionheart battle cape (unique): 1b+

lionheart blast maul (137 atk: 100m-200m

lionheart battle hammer (131 atk): 2b

lionheart battle helm: 100m-190m

lionheart battle schimitar (131 atk): 75m-90m #

lionheart battle schimitar (133-135 atk): 99m-120m #

lionheart battle schimitar (140 atk): 450m #

lionheart champion axe (131 atk): 2b

lionheart cutlass (131 atk): 175m-250m #

lionheart fuscina: 900m-2b

(RAVEN HORN):<----------------->

raven horn chaser armor: 150m

raven horn chaser boots (1 atk): 89m-155m

raven horn chaser cape: 174m-190m

raven horn chaser gloves (5 atk): 99m-130m

raven horn chaser hat (1 atk): 150m-330m

raven horn metal fist (atk 67): 300m

(REVERSE EQUIPS):<----------------->

reverse aeas hand: 70m-99m

reverse alchupiz: 99m

reverse bardiche: 99m

reverse black beauty: 99m

reverse blindness: 99m

reverse burgunt: 50m

reverse engaw: 50m-99m

reverse enreal tear: 99m

reverse equinox: 99m

reverse eradicator: 99m

reverse executioners: 17.5m-50m

reverse fennel: 30m

reverse lampion: 99m

reverse katara: 99m

reverse killic: 99m

reverse nimbleheim: 99m

reverse persona: 50m

reverse pescas: 99m

reverse prinsid: 50m

reverse tail: 99m

reverse rabarzin: 99m

(INTAGLIO'S RISING SUN SET):<----------------->

rising sun face:

rising sun earrings: 500m

rising sun belt: 500m

rising sun ring: 400m

rising sun pendant: 750m

(SHARK TOOTH SET):<----------------->

shark tooth sharpshooter (atk +104): 1b

shark tooth skipper boots (atk 1): 90m

shark tooth skipper coat (atk +1): 180m

shark tooth skipper coat (atk +2): 200m

shark tooth skipper coat (atk +9): 700m

shark tooth skipper gloves (atk +5): 100m-120m

shark tooth wild talon (atk +100): 150m-225m

(VEPAR BLOODY SET):<----------------->

vepar bloody eagle (87 atk): 75m

vepar bloody hands (89 atk): 50m

<------------------------------>(END EQUIPS "SETS" SECTION)<----------------------------->Edit


(A COLLECTORS CHOICE [all jobs equips/gachapon items])<----------------->

agent c's titanium receiver: 20m

aluminum baseball bat: 10m

blitz helm: 100m-125m

blizzard helmet (male): 155m

blue sauna robe: 10m

emergency rescue tube: 25m

fan: 13m

fishing pole: 5m-10m

frozen tuna: 5m-10m ^

fruity bamboo 500m

frying pan: 4m

green bandana: 8m

green mittens: 4m-5m

green paint brush: 150k

grey work gloves: 1m

japenese map: 10m

korean fan: 1m-3m

lollipop: 2m-7m

maple bandana white: 100m-120m

maple bandana yellow: 100m-175m

newspaper sword: 20m-30m

pilgrim hat: 30m

pink seal cushion: 80m-600m

pumpkin lantern: 5m-20m

purple tube: 20m

red sauna robe: 10m

red whip: 1.5m-3m

sky blue umbrella: 2m-7m

stars and stripes: 500k

stirgemans utility pants (male): 122m

white christmas sock: 100m

work gloves: 1m-5m

yellow umbrella: 1m

yellow valentine rose: 60m

(SKIS/BOARDS ETC)<----------------->

aqua snowboard: 1m-3m

blood snowboard: 4m

bullseye board: 6m-20m

dark snowboard: 1.3m

golden snowboard: 10m

maple snowboard: 20m-25m

orange ski: 6m

purple surfboard: 50m-99m

red surfboard: 55m

super snowboard: 750m-900m

super summer surfboard: 1m

tsunami wave: 7m-35m

(MAPLE LABEL)<----------------->

[beryl maple weapons are currently 500k-2.5m^]

blue maple bandana: 450m

crimson maple cane: 14m^

crimson maple lightcaller: 1-5m^

crimson maple skyslicer: 500k-2m^

crimson maple stormsinger: 7m-15^

legendary maple firerunner: 15m

legendary maple majesty: 2m-3.5

legendary maple manabreaker: 1m

legendary maple manareaper: 1m

legendary maple skyrender: 1.5m-5m

legendary maple soulchaser: 2m-5m

legendary maple starcrusher: 1m

legendary maple starsmasher: 1m

legendary maple stormdriver: 1m

legendary maple stormsinger: 1m-1.5m

legendary maple worldcutter: 1m

maple bandana blue: 500m

maple pyrope battle axe: 1m

maple shine wand: 2m

maple soul singer: 5m

maple storm pistol: 5m

white maple bandana: 20m-40m

yellow maple bandana: 25m-60m


(most earrings of value are potentials with % see "% equips" for pricing)

gold emerald earrings: 500k

rex's blue earrings: 500k-5m

rex's green earrings: 5m

rex's red earrings: 8m


dragon tail mage shoes: 79m

falcon wing sentinel boots: 84m-90m

lionheart battle boots: 55m

raven horn chaser boots: 99m-119m

violet snoeshoes: 2.5m (10m)


[if helm is part of a set, see equips (sets) section]

black polyfeather Hat: 64k-300k

chaos zakum helmet: 250m-1.6B

dragon tail mage sallet: 150m

power mane: 10m-16m

raven horn chaser: 179m

shark tooth skipper hat: 170m

targa hat (luk): 52m-120m

zakum helmet: 100m-210m


angelic blessing ring: 50m-79m #

dark angelic blessing: 374m-500m

evo ring (lvl 17): 99m-239m ^

evo ring II (lvl 17): 132m-249m ^

evo ring III (lvl 10): 200m-220m ^

rising sun: 500m

white angelic blessing: 2b+

zombie army ring: 1m-4m

<----------------->EYE ACCESSORY<----------------->

broken glasses: 150m

raccoon mask (rare): 200m-400m

spectrum goggles: 670m


blackfist cloak (rare): 200m-499m

blue magic cape (rare): 11m

ragged black cape: 7m

ragged yellow cape: 7m-10m

red giles cape: 100k

white gaia (rare): 9m

white seraph (rare): 3m-5.5m


lucky brown gilded belt: 1m-1.2m

lucky green leather belt: 15m

rising sun belt: 500m

sharp brown buckle: 2m

sharp green gilded belt: 10m

the immortal pharaoh belt: 500m-600m

tenacious brown buckle (rare): 8m

tenacious green buckle: 50k

wise green leather belt: 12m-13m


[only scrolled or potentials are here, the rest can be found under equips]

falcon wing sentinel (pot): 50m-90m

work glove (6atk): 16m-20m 

work glove (10atk): 70m-99m ^

work glove (15atk): 230m-300m

stormcaster gloves (5 atk clean): 260m


green bear pendant: 5m

hexagon necklace: 99m

horntail: 220m-280m

legendary maple scarf 3: 10m

purple bear pendant: 99m

rising sun pendant: 600m

silver dep star: 13m


balanced fury: 175m (300m-500m)

crystal ilbi: 95m (200m-350m)

infinite throwing knives: 150m (175m-500m)

hwabi: 2.2m-5m (5m-90m)

ilbi: 5m-8.5m (25m-189m)

kumbi: 25k-30k (500k-2m)

flame throwing stars: 100m-500m 

maple throwing stars: 20m (50m-?)

steely: 500k-1.5m # (5m-40m)

tobi: 1m-3m (250k-9m)

wolbi: 250k-500k (100k-500k)

wooden top: 1m (250k-1m)

Icicles 1.5m-3m


black phoenix shield (+4): 170m

deimos sage shield: 125m

deimos warrior shield: 15m

esther shield: 300k-500k

gold kalkan: 100k

khanjar: 15m-35m

maple shield: 5m-10m ^

maple magician shield: 70m

timeless kite shield: 55m

timeless prelude (hp): 59m-99m

<^^^^^^^>(END EQUIPS OTHER SECTION)<^^^^^^^>

<----------------->BUFFS & POTIONS<----------------->

all-cure potion: 2.5k-4.5k

blessing potion: 3m

elixer: 1k

giant potion: 5m

legendary coin cake buff: 5m

onyx apple: 31m

shiny easter egg: 5m

superior dexterity boost potion (+70 2hr): 30m-50m

superior luck boost potion (+70 2hr):  25m-50m

strength boost potion: 2m

swiss cheese: 2m

witch's special stew: 3m

<----------------->PROFESSIONS/CRAFTS/ORE ETC<----------------->

adamentium plate: 100k-200k

advanced item crys: 40k-220k

aquamarine: 100k-250k

basic item crys: 30k-100k

black crystal: 1.2m

bronze plate: 100k-300k

dark crystal: 1.4m-1.9m

dark crystal (ore): 120k-250k

dex crystal: 350k-900k

diamond: 250k

dragon spirit: 4m

emerald: 250k-500k

garnet: 150k-500k

gold plate: 250k-550k

hyssop flower oil: 3m

hyssop seed oil: 3m

intermediate item crystal: 75k-200k

juniper berry flower oil: 3m-5m

juniper berry seed oil: 3m-5m

leather: 5k-10k

lidium: 1.2m-5m

lidium (ore): 500k

luk crystal: 1.5m-2.3m

luk crystal (ore): 250k-450k

magic rock: 10k-100k

mgk powder (black): 200k-400k

mgk powder (blue): 150k-400k

mgk powder (brown): 20k-30k

mgk powder (green): 133k-400k

mgk powder (purple): 200-250m

mgk powder (red): 120-380m

mgk powder (white): 90k-120k

mgk powder (yellow): 100k-700k

mithril plate: 1m-3m

moon rock: 100k-2m

opal: 100k

orihalcon plate: 200k-300k

patchouli flower oil: 3m-5m

patchouli seed oil: 3m-6m

philosopher's stone: 1m-2m

power crystal: 500k-900k

sapphire: 300k-550k

silver plate: 75k-100k

star rock: 250k

summoning rock: 4k-8k 

superior item crystal: 2m-6m

topaz: 250k-500k

wisdom crystal: 1.5m-2.3m

wisdom crystal (ore): 250k-300k


advanced health boost potion recipe: 1m

advanced int pill III recipe: 500k

android female recipe: 6m-22m

android male recipe: 6m-15m

angares bloody head recipe: 5m

angelic blessing recipe: 36m-50m

arcane walker plate mail recipe: 500k-750k

beserker's eternal ring recipe: 125m-150m

blessing potion recipe: 250k

blue elemental gloves recipe: 5m

crescent moon belt recipe: 13m-10m

crescent moon earrings recipe: 13m-12m

crescent moon ring recipe: 14m-18m

crystal heart recipe: 44m

dark angelic blessing recipe: 100m-180m

dark purple sleeve recipe: 150k-300k

deluxe android male recipe: 10m - 20m

deimos darkness shield recipe: 4m

dex potion IV recipe:1.5

dex potion VI recipe:1.7

dominator pendant recipe: 10m-34m

dragon battle axe recipe: 10m

dragon breaker recipe: 500k

dragonic crypto recipe: 250k

dragonic inferna recipe: 800k

dragonic lapis axe recipe: 40m

dragonic lapis hammer recipe: 40m

eligos bloody wand recipe: 800k

flame throwing star recipe: 22m-25m

gold heart recipe: 500k-16m

guardian's eternal ring recipe: 125m-150m

high lord's eternal ring recipe: 125m-150m

hp hound earrings recipe: 125k

ipos bloody mail recipe: 1m

iron heart recipe: 7m

oracles eternal ring recipe: 125m-150m

reverse enreal tear recipe: 15m

reverse executioners recipe: 125k

reverse myst blue recipe: 800k

reverse nibleheim recipe: 1m

reverse pendant recipe: 5m

reverse peony recipe: 2m

reverse pescas recipe: 500k-5m

reverse rapido recipe: 800k

rising sun belt recipe: 35m-50m

rising sun face paint recipe: 40m-50m

rising sun pendant recipe: 60m

rising sun ring recipe: 35m-50m

shark tooth skipper cape recipe: 99m-119m

sharp noble pauldron recipe: 250k

shiny blue pirate symbole recipe: 25m

strength potion X recipe: 2m

tenacious knight pauldron recipe: 500k-4m

tenacious noble pauldron recipe: 99k-250k

the eradicator recipe: 5m-9m

timeless kite shield recipe: 125k-2m

wise exquisity belt recipe: 4m

wise noble pauldron recipe: 250k


amorian loveseat: 110m-150m

balrog chair: 45m-65m

bubble bath chair: 70m-120m

cake chair: 220m

carrot chair: 1b-2.1b

chair on the range: 900m

cherry blossoms chair: 1b-1.75b

chief chair: 15m-60m

chocolate fondue chair: 220m

christmas gift box: 400m-500m

dragon chair(abyss): 450m

dragon lord chair: 2b+

dunas jet chair: 900m

easel chair: 700m

easter egg basket: 45m-99m

elize's lap: 300m-400m

fish tank chair: 60m-99m

giant hp bottle: 300m

giant mp bottle: 380m

giant pink bean cushion: 160m-240m ^

gold seal cushion: 299m-400m #

green chair: 71m-100m

hero's chair-dual blade: 25m-35m

hero's chair-evan: 30m-35m

hospital bed: 88m

igloo: 120m-320m

locker chair: 70m-99m

lord pirate chair: 333m-550m

love chair: 150m

male desert rabbit cushion: 220m

maple crystal chair: 2.5b-3.5b

mechanical chair: 10m

music box 25m-35m ^

nautilus chair: 400m

olivia's chair: 35m-39m

owl chair: 1.5b

palm tree beach chair: 12m-50m

pink beach parasol: 95m

pink zakum chair: 7m-15m

red designer chair: 300m

red round chair: 120m

ryko: 1.5b

sand bunny: 180m-200m ^

scary witch chair: 8m-15m

sheep chair: 250m

skull throne: 550m-700m

spring flower corsage chair: 2+b

stone golem hand chair: 300m-350m

tent chair: 60m-120m ^

tiger skin chair: 1.5b-1.6b

underneath the maple tree: 5m-15m

worldend: 450m-500m

yellow robot chair: 59m-150m

zakum chair: 90m

<----------------->ETC TAB<----------------->

bible of the corrupt: 100k

confusion fragment: 100m

crocky's helmet: 2.5k-15k/200 for 2m-5m

lady boss's comb: 500k

magic rock: 7k

reindeer spear: 55k-100k/200 for 12m-16m

skull shoulder pad: 1k

smiley mask: 500k

tauromacis horn: 20k

wild kargo eye: 20k

zombies lost gold tooth: 150k-299k

<----------------->USE TAB<----------------->

eos scroll:500k-1m

gachapon food coupon: 300k-500k

orbis scroll:500k-2.5m

star dust: 300k


eye of fire: 4m

dream fragment: 5.8m

minature pianus: 4.5m-7.8m

piece of time: 400k-900k

purification totem: 1k


bearwolf: 7m

big spider: 40m

blue mushmom: 4m

chief oblivion guardian: 4m

chimera: 10m

crocky the gatekeeper: 5m

dark cornian: 1m

extra d: 1.5m

hector: 1m

homunculus: 2m

mano: 100m

master chronos: 1.5

memory monk: 4m

mossy mushroom: 1m

mossy snail: 2m

mutant orange mushroom: 10m

mutant ribbon pig: 18m

mutant snail: 4m

mushmom: 9m

oblivion monk: 11m-22m | 22m

opachu: 25m

puco: 15m

red kentaurus: 5m

sage cat: 2m

soaring hawk: 6m

wooden target dummy: 2m

zombie mushmom: 9m


cretaceous 1-year: 250m

croking 90-day coupon: 60m

chicken 90-day coupon: 35m-200m

dragon perm coupon: 1b

f1 machine 90-day 35m

frog 90-day coupon: 30m-200m

gargoyle 1-year: 87m

girl android coupon: 40m

hot air balloon 90-day coupon: 99m

knight's chariot 90-day coupon: 130m-150m

lion 1-year: 87m

lovely scooter 90-day: 20m-30m

magic broom 90-day: 100m

napoleon 90-day coupon: 30m

nina's pentacle 90-day coupon: 15m

nina's pentacle perm coupon: 1.3b

pegasus 90-day coupon: 99m

pegasus perm coupon: 200m-249m

power suit 90-day coupon: 40m-45m

power suit perm coupon: 600m

rabbit rickshaw 90-day coupon: 60m

rabbit rickshaw perm coupon: 1.3b

red truck 1-year: 50m

red truck 15-day coupon: 20m

retro scooter 90-day coupon: 150m ^

small rabbit perm coupon: 99m-180m

tiger 90-day coupon: 65m-200m

turtle 90-day coupon: 20m-200m

unicorn 1-year coupon: 150m-230m


4slot mineral bag: 10m

8slot herb bag: 9m-19m

a set of match cards: 4m-7m

android (f): 30m

battle square herb bag: 10m

deluxe android (f): 180m

deluxe android (m): 300m

gallant battle maunual <theory>: 200m-400m ^

gold heart: 3m-8m #

infinite magic arrows (rare): 10m

iron heart: 18m

slime & pig omok set: 2m-5m

tablet armor luk +3: 3m